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Fashion from the factory in six weeks

If you're a fashion retailer, you'll know all about the long lead times. Buying the latest lines from Far East factories can take months.

At Retro Shirts, however, we have the best suppliers at our fingertips, and buy lines in factories, so we can control production. We also work with first-class fabric mills, taking fabric from a raw to a finished state in just ten to 14 days.

This means that you can pinpoint a fashion or a look that you've seen in the high-fashion retailers, call us and you'll take delivery within six weeks. Which makes us ideal for fill-ins, and a great alternative to the three-month wait you might be used to when ordering from further afield.

We're also highly fashion-conscious specialists " in men's and boys' shirts, waistcoats and shirt-and-tie sets " so you know we're experts. We've been supplying the High Street fashion stores of the UK and Europe since 2001 and now produce over one million shirts a year.

So, why wait for your quality fashion shirts? Click here to fill in an interactive form and we'll do the rest.

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